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  The role of Raspberry Ketones and Ketosis in our Cherry Berry Chewoffs

Raspberry Ketones give your body a greater amount of bio-available ketone bodies. Ketone bodies, or ketones for short, are the metabolic end products of our body's fatty acid metabolism. The liver breaks down fatty acids in our body as a way to provide us with energy when blood-glucose levels are low. Ketones are the by-products of this process. They become available to the body as an alternative energy source. Ketones are naturally occurring in our body, going all the way back to birth, but our ketone levels often deplete as we age.

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CBD Pet Chew Treats

A convenient, delicious & playful way to make CBD part of your pet's diet. 

Why use CBD products for your pet?

1. CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety

CBD has been extensively studied for its effect on stress and anxiety. It has been found to:

· Reduce anxiety in both healthy people and people with anxiety disorders

2. CBD Can Fight Cancer

CBD has even been shown to stop cancer cells from growing and increased tumor cell death.

3. CBD Can Reduce Seizures

It’s estimated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy

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Anti-Aging Cream


Our anti-aging cream contains a blend of apple stem cells to promote both vitality in our skins stem cells.  Our cream helps the skin to produce new skin cells while repairing those that have been damaged by the UV rays. 

With daily use, your skin will appear younger, tighter, & brighter!  For optimum results apply to your face and neck daily.

What is Apple Stem Cell Technology?

Scientists have found that a novel extract derived from the stem cells of a rare appletree cultivated for its extraordinary longevity shows tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. By stimulating aging skin stem cells, this plant extract has been shown to lessen the appearance of unsightly wrinkles.

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CBD Pain Relief Oral Spray


Pure hemp CBD Pain Relief Oral Spray comes in two sizes (8 ml & 30 ml).  If you are experiencing pain, try our Pain Relief Oral Spray with CBD!  Infused with natural properties of CBD, this spray is great for those in pain due to canker sores, tension, or other types of ailments such as nausea.  Orally absorbed to work fast!

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Insta-Lift Wrinkle Serum

Insta-Life reinvigorates your skin's youthful production of collagen and elastin while helping to retain moisture and promote ultimate rejuvenation.  Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover is a a brakthrough formula that helps create an instant "face lift" effect.

Clinically Suported Ingredients: Argirline, Algae Extract, Pullulan.

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Pet Shampoo

A calming, conditioning shampoo that may help treat a variety of skin conditions in your pet while leaving their fur bouncy and shiny!  May help fight fur loss and skin irritation.


CBD is a natural and safe remedy that shows plenty of promise in relieving symptoms of skin conditions in both humans and animals.

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