Therapeutic Ketones

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The History of Keto//OS

Inspired by ketone research through the Department of Defense and Office of the Navy, Pruvit’s Keto//OS Ketone Operating System acts like a 4th macronutrient that delivers superhuman performance fuel to optimize better health, fitness, and wellness.

Keto MAX

With everyone from top athletes and fitness experts to babyboomers in mind, the KETO//OS® MAX formula was designed to help achieve maximum brain power and performance to push beyond physical and mental limitations. The KETO//OS® MAX blend contains our patent-pending BHB salt. This is the only BHB salt that directly mimics the same ketones that your body naturally produces making it the most bioidentical formula to date.

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We conducted interviews with several Prüvers, to get up close and personal on what their Experience means to them.  Click below to listen to some of their stories.

Testimonials from all ages

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Request a 5 or 10 day Experience pack to see how therapeutic ketones can affect you for the better.  A 10 day Experience give you the opportunity to see how great you can feel for just $75.  When I had my sample, I experienced increased mental clarity, weight loss, loss of inches, and an amazing energy without the jitters or a crash.

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